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Dollar Piston Filler Fountain Pen FP-100 Fine Nib - Red

Dollar Piston Filler Fountain Pen FP-100  Fine Nib - Red
  • Dollar Piston Filler Fountain Pen FP-100  Fine Nib - Red
  • Dollar Piston Filler Fountain Pen FP-100  Fine Nib - Red
  • Dollar Piston Filler Fountain Pen FP-100  Fine Nib - Red
Dollar Piston Filler Fountain Pen FP-100  Fine Nib - Red

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Product Code : FP-100RD
Product Condition : NEW
Country Origin : PAKISTAN

Brand : DOLLAR

Price : Rs 575.00 Rs 475.00 (Save 17.39%)

Shipping Price : Rs 75.00

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Product description

The Dollar FP-100 is one of Pakistan's most popular student pens, favoured by students because of it's great value, reliability solid construction and sleek good looks. 

Dollar FP-100 fountain pens are simple in design, well made, sturdy, solid in construction and write superbly. 

The Dollar FP-100 employs a built in sliding piston filler - it does not need or accept a converter or cartridges and can only use bottled ink.  Please not it's not a conventional piston filler, it's more like a built in converter.

To fill the pen unscrew the barrel and push the slider all the way down. Then insert the nib into the ink and slowly pull the slider back up. It's usually best to do this a few times to get rid of the air from the reservoir to allow the maximum amount of ink in there. 


Finish: Glossy
Body: Acrylic
Trim: Chrome
Cap Type: Click on
With cap: 133mm
Without cap: 127mm
With cap posted: 155mm. We don't recommend posting caps.
Diameter: Section 8 -10mm, body 11mm
Weight: 8g
Nib Material: Stainless Steel Iridium tipped.
Nib Size: Fine 
Ink Filler: Built in Piston Filler. Bottled ink only.
Ink Capacity: 1.2ml


IN Stock
Available Quantity : 1

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Additional Information

About Dollar Pens

Dollar Stationery is the largest and best known writing instruments and stationery manufacturer in Pakistan, with exports to more than 50 countries on all five continents.

Dollar Stationery was established in 1954 when Mohammad Siddiq started formulating and producing inks in the old town of Karachi. At that time the fountain pen was the primary instrument used for writing and pens and inks were mostly imported from Europe and the US. Continual innovation, an ever expanding product range, excellent product performance, exceptional reliability and continuous improvements have made Dollar a well known and respected brand throughout Asia and Europe and more recently the united States.

Dollar Stationery is one of the few writing instrument manufacturers in the world with complete, in house, vertically integrated production facilities, including research and development, product design, and manufacturing of pens, nibs, refills and inks. 

Dollar Stationery has attained ISO 9001 Certification through Lloyds of England and  Dollar products conform to and are certified for international standards including the European, US, British, German and other country specific standards. In 2000 Dollar Stationery implemented the rigorous BPR Program and since then has also also implemented proven QA and management programs including TQM, TQC, Kaizen and Quality Circles.

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