GLARE brand, from GLARE INDIA, is the brand leader among lubricants and greases in India .Lubrication is the art of reducing friction between rubbing or rolling surfaces. In the recent past two terminologies have gained currency – Tribology, the science of Rubbing; Rheology, the study of stream or flow. The earliest knowledge of lubrication is evident from grease lubricated chariot wheels excavated from the ruins. The rapid development of this science can be said to have started from the 18th century, with significant technological progress in commercial usage in the 20th century. Most lubricants are liquids. Water is a natural lubricant but has extremely limited application due to its very low viscosity and very low boiling point, besides its contribution to rusting and corrosion. Vegetable oils have excellent lubrication properties but have very poor oxidation stability, high pour point, rapid thickening and may even let out foul odours in time. Most of the liquid lubricants used at present all over the world are petroleum-based mineral oils..

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