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Our technician, VISHAL  , has more than 35 years of experience servicing and repairing all brands of  sewing and embroidery machines, including industrial machines. He has been with us over

 25 years.

All service is done on site with generally less than a week turnaround time. It is recommended to have your machines serviced annually to keep them properly cleaned, adjusted and lubricated. A well maintained machine will aid in the longevity of your machine, providing you with years of sewing enjoyment.


Have you hugged your machine today?

Give it a little TLC, dust it off, dust it out and give it one drop of machine oil.  It only takes 2 minutes and your machine will love you for it.

Problems? Try T-N-T

-Thread - rethread and check the thread path for stray threads left behind.  Make sure your thread is of good quality and lint free.

-Needle - check the needle for burrs and bends.  Replace the needle with every project or with every 2 bobbins.  Needles do the tough work of punching holes for the thread to pass through, use the right one for the job.


-Tension - what your mother told you, "don't touch that tension dial", doesn't apply anymore.  If you use different weight threads on the top than in the bobbin case, you need to adjust the tension.  Refer to your machine manual or make a test swatch of the fabrics and threads you will be using, start at the normal setting, sew a inch and adjust until you get the proper tension.

What to bring:


Machine with All Purpose Foot or Zig-Zag Foot

Foot Pedal and Power Cord

Bobbin and Bobbin Case

Samples and/or list of stitching problems

Specific fabric and/or thread causing problems

Embroidery Module with Hoop and Embroidery Foot for Sewing/Embroidery Machines


Fashion Maker Sewing Machines  (usha,singer,brother) = 350rs 

Domestic Hand Operated Sewing Machines (all brands) = 250rs

All Type of Imported fashion Maker sewing machines = 450rs

Industrial sewing machines = 250

Note: Spare Parts Cost Extra


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