First of all it must be said this fountain pen (FP) is a piece of art. The horse is beautiful painted, in a vivid blue, and its image is more attractive than the photos of the presentation could show. Several verses in Chinese characters complete this artistic work on porcelain. Whenever I take the fountain pen to write with, I firstly admire this beautiful, gracious horse. The shiny chrome trims complete the design, with a clip that is engraved with a carriage, the emblem of the manufacturer.

The FP is a big one. It measures 13.9 cm capped and 12.5 cm uncapped. The barrel is 1.4 cm in diameter, but the section is 1 cm at the top and o.8 cm near the nib, so the pen can be easily held even by people not having a big hand. The FP weighs around 55 gr. It is a heavy one (not for a porcelain FP however). It is designed to be used with the cap aside. The cap can be pulled off by a click, firm mechanism. The FP comes with a screwing converter that seems to work well and packed in a decent, elegant blue box.

As for the nib, I could say it is a very good one. My FP came with a stainless steel nib that can be considered as Fine width accordingly to the European standards, or a Medium-Fine accordingly the Asian ones. It is an amazing smooth nib in its rank, I could say that it writes even better than some gold nibs. The nib is very nice engraved with a decorative band and with the name of the manufacturer – Jinhao, 18k golden plated. Jinhao is the most famous Chinese FP manufacturer, so it is clear for me why this 950 model has a so good quality. it writes without skipping and yes, after some time of non-use, it is a good starter out of the box. The name Jinhao is engraved also on the ring.

02 Aug, 2015

“This is definitely the most delightful online shopping experience I can imagine. Extremely good service, prompt delivery, good packing, item was better than expected ! and best part…I got a gift from the seller ! cannot be happier 🙂 Thanks and all my best wishes !”
Varun G., 22 December 2014


Varun G
25 Dec, 2014

Thanks for your cooperation that I have finally received my coveted purchase “Fountain Pen”. Being very fond of fountain pen since my childhood, I was very much eager to purchase / receive my purchase after 20 years. Last in 1995 I had used fountain pen. Now I have decided to use fountain pen only for rest of my life…..


25 Nov, 2014

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