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Tyre - Whitewall Inserts - 8" - (1 Wheel) - One pair

Tyre - Whitewall Inserts - 8
  • Tyre - Whitewall Inserts - 8
  • Tyre - Whitewall Inserts - 8
Tyre - Whitewall Inserts - 8

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Country Origin : Thailand

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Product description


White wall inserts - Suitable for 8 inch Wheels - One pair enough for One Wheel

 Fitting Instructions for White Wall Trims,

1 Remove the wheel and fully deflate the Tyre.

2 Clean the side wall of the Tyre, particularly where the seating lip is to be inserted and ensure that it is free from dirt and any Tyre bead lubricant.

3 Insert the seating lip between the sidewall of the the Tyre and the wheel rim so that the last ridge sits flush against the rim, evenly all around the wheel

4 Now repeat this on the other side of the tyre, when both trims are correctly positioned on the Tyre, inflate it to normal pressure.

Common Problems,
If any bulges or wrinkles appear when the Tyre is inflated, the trim has not been centrally positioned and is bunched. Deflate the Tyre and "push" the bulge around the Tyre until it lies flat. If this proves too difficult and the bunching is too severe, remove the trim and repeat the fitting procedure.

If the trim does not lie flat against the Tyre sidewall when inflated, it has been stretched at this point. Again deflate the Tyre and try to centralist the trim or remove it and refit it.

If the trim is squeezed out from the between the rim and the sidewall when the Tyre is deflated, contamination, usually Tyre bead lubricant is preventing the seating lip from getting any grip, deflate the Tyre and thoroughly clean the Tyre sidewall and trim seating lip and then refit.


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